About Reading (1/2)

So, first post — I think I will do a short introduction of the purpose of this blog. I am thinking that it will mainly be an outlet for my talking about my passion for reading.

Eventually, I might even posted some of my old drabbles (100-words) or poems. I used to write those quite often (along with Photoshop fanarts) but for the last few years, my Muses had completely neglected me *sad panda*.


So about reading …

Ever since I was a little girl, for as long time as I could remember, I always loved reading. I remember that my most awaited birthday presents would be books. I gave out a list of the books I wanted and my parents or my uncles/aunts would buy that for me. I didn’t need toys or clothes as presents, books were all I wanted.

I started reading in my own language, Bahasa Indonesia — and I loved those books by Agatha Christie as well as Enid Bylton’s “Famous Five”. So the genre of mystery/thriller/detective/suspense was my first love






Then when I was in High School, back around mid-90s, my friend first introduced me to romance. In English. At first I was worried that my English wouldn’t be good enough to understand the story. But she assured me that it would be okay. That English in Harlequin romance will not be too difficult.

I remembered that my FIRST romance story was Nora Robert’s. Well, right there I fell in love with another genre. Romance. I devoured that genre — mainly focusing on either Harlequin romance (because they were less lengthy) as well as contemporary novels from Nora Roberts and Linda Howard. Other authors I loved back then was Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lori Foster, and Jennifer Crusie.

Since English was not my native tongue, I preferred to read contemporary genre. And my choice was limited because English books were quite expensive and not all of the titles I wanted were available here in Indonesia. Thank God for Internet and Amazon, I could shop online; even if I had to pay double the price due to the shipping cost.

However, after reading romance for about a decade, I suffered from boredom. I felt like what this genre had to offer was the same-old same-old. Same formula, same characteristics, and I no longer felt the joy of reading….


— continued to second post


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