Mulder/Scully and The X-Files: Why I Owe My ‘Life’ To Them


Ever since this morning, when I heard that The X-Files will return for 6 limited episodes, I just got nostalgic.

Before Livejournal, Goodreads, and Twitter, for me, there was The X-Files and their fans. It was the show that ‘launched’ my internet life, back in the 90s, in my adolescent/new adult years. I joined forum, made friends, talked about Mulder/Scully shipper like crazy, wrote poem about them, made fan-arts about them (yes, fan-arts, I made them. I had proof). Heck, I still even had a couple of friends from my X-Files years who connect to me via Twitter now. I was an introvert person to begin with. I am more lively in online/social media forum rather than my real life. So The X-Files basically ‘helps’ me coping too. I owe it so much to them.

This is why I just feel giddy to read Mulder/Scully will be on my screen again.

PS: Just a couple of my Mulder/Scully fan-arts back in the day




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