In which iZombie made me squeal …

And on this week’s episode of iZombie


Yep…. Bradley James. King Arthur. Gracing my television. I was so happy I actually squealed with delight!

I didn’t notice him at first when he was using the helmet inside the plane but when he stood there against the tree, I just knew.


It has been awhile since I saw James in BBC’s Merlin. Duly noted that I stopped watching the show after season 3 — I have BAD habit of leaving serialized show when the story arc no longer appealed to me and that was what happened with Merlin — but Merlin/Arthur was and still is my fan fiction OTP and that the show’s finale (which I did actually watch!) broke my heart to million pieces. So watching him on my current TV show (I knew he was in Homeland for an episode but I don’t watch the show) was pure joy.

Plus he looked so GOOD with his dark hair and ‘contemporary’ outfit *lol*. Although when his character, Lowell, said “I’d look freaky as a blonde” … I shouted at my TV, “What are you talking about? You look GREAT as a blonde!!!“. Honest, I actually did that.


I thought James and McIver had sizzling chemistry — I am not expecting a Veronica/Logan epic-ness (that’s one of the kind *lol*) and heck, even Liz’s bubbliness around Lowell might be a side effect of her eating Holly’s brain. Still, I hope that James will stay for a while…



Although I wonder about that ring his character used in his left hand!


It’s nice to see one of the Merlin/Arthur pair in American TV. I know that Colin Morgan starred in The Fall (Morgan in contemporary clothes with his real accent is to die for) but I watched the pilot for that show and it was too somber in tone and too slow in pace for my taste. So I could only see Morgan in bits from Youtube *sad*.


27 and Dead … Great pun!


Those 5-stars book reviews …



Sometimes I wonder about the effectiveness of 5-stars reviews for books. I wish I have a statistical data about how many readers purchase a book because of 5-stars reviews. I can’t give opinion based on other people. Everyone has their own process in sorting and choosing which book to read/buy. To be honest, I tend to gloss over dimiss 5-stars reviews — unless I know the reviewers taste and preference. For me, 5-stars reviews mean absolutely nothing. It usually contains only the good things and it does not help me what-so-ever in decision making process.

When I use reviews to help me in culling my never-ending to-read shelf, my first option is to find friends’ reviews — which is why I still think Goodreads to be the BEST place to look. I tend to already familiarized myself with their preference. I know that their 4-stars rating can be my 2-stars or vice versa. I know they have their own pet peeves … like cheating, or rent-boy themes, or lack of smut. I know how to ‘read’ their reviews.

BUT there are books that none of my friends have read. This will be a foreign territory. So how do I process with available online reviews, especially those ARC-reviews? Well, I tend to go with the ‘less perfect’ rating. I prefer to read the 4-stars to find the goods and the 2-stars to find the bad. But the reviews that usually help me the most? The three’s. Yep, those 3-stars reviews (or the 3.5-stars). Because those usually give the good and the bad; it feels more balanced. I could try to read between the lines then… and those helps me better.

So you see, I never buy books because of 5-stars reviews. The 2 – 4 stars reviews on the other hand, have been known to influence my clicking that buy button.

Reading Speed


I always consider myself as quite a speed reader; although of course it also depends on how busy I am during the day, how sleepy I am at night, and well, how many hours I need to take my nap on weekends *LOL*. But really, I think my average reading speed for English book is around 70-100 pages an hour. Of course, this goes up and down based on how interested I am with the topic. I remember reading the last Harry Potter book for several hours non-stop, forgetting to sleep or at one point, eat my dinner. But I also have an experience of dragging through a novella because I’m just not into it. Of course this is a different case on dragging my reading because I don’t want it to end just yet.

I tried to take this speed reading test online and got around 687 words per minute. My comprehension level is around 70%. It is considered as good reader.

Although, don’t expect me to remember details very much. I can speed read but I don’t necessarily remember them!

Sex Scenes in Books … Uhm…


So last year, I finally (and fully) acknowledged myself as ASEXUAL. For those of you who still don’t know about what ASEXUAL is … Asexuality is “a sexual orientation characterized by a persistent lack of sexual attraction to any gender“. It takes me a long time to arrive to this point. One thing is mostly because asexuality discussion is not something I easily find in my daily life. Coming from a culture where talking about sex is not exactly practiced, I think I discovered the term asexuality (and its possible signs) because of internet and the fact that I read M/M romance for the past 6-7 years. Without that, I always think that I’m an odd duck. A mid thirty woman who never care about sex or being sexually attracted to anyone.

Anyway, I’m not going to talk a lot about that. It’s all a different matter and discussion. It’s not the topic of this post. Instead, I am going to post something that I read yesterday from Asexuality Archive website. I found this particular snippet (from the post : Possible Signs of Asexuality Part 3) to be tickling my funny bone, because it is so totally me.

You often find sex scenes in books/TV/movies to be out of place or boring.

You’re watching a movie when suddenly the male and female leads start going at it for no reason:  [fast forward!]

You’re reading a book when suddenly it turns to “heaving bosoms” and “love’s juices”: [next chapter!]

Perhaps it’s a sense of “Ew, icky”, but it doesn’t have to be.  More often, it’s a sense of “Why are they doing that?  What’s the point?  Get back to the story!”  Half the time, the sexual encounter is unforgivably contrived.  Sometimes you can even imagine the writers meeting with their editor or producer and being told to “sex it up a bit, the ratings are off this year”, and the writers just randomly drawing character names from a hat to decide who should go at it.

OMG, how totally true!!  *LOL*

I read a lot of romance since I was a teenager. While yes, I can enjoy reading the sex scenes, but most of the times, I find them quite boring. I often skim sex scenes because it feels like the same-old same-old. Especially those romance stories where the sex scenes seem to be written to replace a plot hole or to move the story forward. Truthfully, I pay attention more on story and characters rather than sex scenes. Sex scenes on books, for me, are basically like whip cream on my frou-frou coffee drink. It is not nice but not always needed.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that I reject sex scenes a hundred percent. To me, the sex scenes on books should feel more like, uhm, a reward. After good unresolved tension and chemistry between the couple. When I get to the point, I should feel like it’s a long time coming. Or at least I should feel like it’s integral of the story. That it is how the couple celebrate their intimacy; something to be cherished rather than just being thrown for the sake of, well, selling the book.

On that note, I also don’t like to watch porn. I found them, icky. I did try a couple of times, watching erotica, and ended up analyzing the mechanics of it. So anytime my friends are talking about the porn stars and how hot they are, I just shrugs and not contribute anything *LOL*

BUT, it doesn’t mean I don’t get horny (I admit that I read erotica/porn to help me relieve that itch). It must be remembered though, that having ‘urges’ is not the same with sexual attraction. Because I don’t exactly fantasize myself in any of this situation nor I want to do it with anyone….