Reading Speed


I always consider myself as quite a speed reader; although of course it also depends on how busy I am during the day, how sleepy I am at night, and well, how many hours I need to take my nap on weekends *LOL*. But really, I think my average reading speed for English book is around 70-100 pages an hour. Of course, this goes up and down based on how interested I am with the topic. I remember reading the last Harry Potter book for several hours non-stop, forgetting to sleep or at one point, eat my dinner. But I also have an experience of dragging through a novella because I’m just not into it. Of course this is a different case on dragging my reading because I don’t want it to end just yet.

I tried to take this speed reading test online and got around 687 words per minute. My comprehension level is around 70%. It is considered as good reader.

Although, don’t expect me to remember details very much. I can speed read but I don’t necessarily remember them!


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