In which iZombie made me squeal …

And on this week’s episode of iZombie


Yep…. Bradley James. King Arthur. Gracing my television. I was so happy I actually squealed with delight!

I didn’t notice him at first when he was using the helmet inside the plane but when he stood there against the tree, I just knew.


It has been awhile since I saw James in BBC’s Merlin. Duly noted that I stopped watching the show after season 3 — I have BAD habit of leaving serialized show when the story arc no longer appealed to me and that was what happened with Merlin — but Merlin/Arthur was and still is my fan fiction OTP and that the show’s finale (which I did actually watch!) broke my heart to million pieces. So watching him on my current TV show (I knew he was in Homeland for an episode but I don’t watch the show) was pure joy.

Plus he looked so GOOD with his dark hair and ‘contemporary’ outfit *lol*. Although when his character, Lowell, said “I’d look freaky as a blonde” … I shouted at my TV, “What are you talking about? You look GREAT as a blonde!!!“. Honest, I actually did that.


I thought James and McIver had sizzling chemistry — I am not expecting a Veronica/Logan epic-ness (that’s one of the kind *lol*) and heck, even Liz’s bubbliness around Lowell might be a side effect of her eating Holly’s brain. Still, I hope that James will stay for a while…



Although I wonder about that ring his character used in his left hand!


It’s nice to see one of the Merlin/Arthur pair in American TV. I know that Colin Morgan starred in The Fall (Morgan in contemporary clothes with his real accent is to die for) but I watched the pilot for that show and it was too somber in tone and too slow in pace for my taste. So I could only see Morgan in bits from Youtube *sad*.


27 and Dead … Great pun!


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