Being an Amazon Customer




I tweeted about this issue yesterday (#MyFirstAmazonOrder), when I was browsing my Amazon account and realized that I had been a customer since 1997. Yep. I have had Amazon account for almost 20 years!!

For an Indonesian girl, I thought it was pretty neat. None of my friends — whom I knew back then — even considered buying things online, especially from an international website. But I love books since I was a young girl and I wanted to read English books, and the only way for me to browse a (more) complete collection was through online.

Living in Indonesia, of course the pricing becomes exorbitant, with the currency rate exchange as well as shipping/handling fee. Not to mention the delivery time. Once, a package from Amazon arrived almost 4 months later *lol*. Yep, I already considered that one a missing package.

I also had experience of Amazon sending me the wrong book. At first they asked for me to return the wrong book while they sent the correct book. But I told them, I lived across the ocean, it would be very expensive for me sending the wrong book!! So they let me keep it. Well, I guess it was one of the advantages too, huh? *LOL*

Nowadays, my purchase habit at Amazon has changed. I don’t purchase print anymore. All of my purchases these days are ebooks. I no longer read print books, to be honest. But if I ever want to purchase print books, there are other retailer options that have better offers for the shipping cost. But I don’t think I’ll stop being an Amazon customer. And no, this is NOT me promoting that site. It’s just a fact. Especially since I also own two Kindle devices.

And next year, it will be 20 years since I first purchased books at Amazon. Probably my longest experience with a retailer website. Definitely one of my longest relationships *LOL*


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