ARC Review: Long Shadows (Kate Sherwood)

Jericho “Jay” Crewe left Mosely, Montana, fifteen years ago and never looks back. Until a phone call from the town he used to call home tells Jericho his father is hurt. Jericho returns to Mosely, finds out that his father had died instead. And alongside the Sherrif office, the three-letters government agencies are circling around his death. In the center of it is Wade Granger — his childhood best friend, his first love, the one he left behind, and apparently a person of interest…

Well, Dayum…

I entered this book knowing that there are three subsequent titles that will follow (one book a month, from January to April 2017). Therefore, I also knew, going in, that this was just the beginning. If I can compare it to a 4-episodes miniseries, Long Shadows is the pilot episode. Its main role is to lay out the ground work — introducing the characters, presenting the current and future issues, building up the tension that might be coming ahead.

It didn’t mean that it was boring though. Sherwood controls the pace really well … we have threats against Jericho’s stepmother (a woman he never knows before!), a kidnapping, as well as a corrupt law enforcement agency. Right from the first chapter until the end, I was engaged.

And of course there is that complicated relationship between Jericho and Wade. Both standing on different side of the law. Jericho is an L.A.P.D detective, sworn to do the right thing by the law. Wade, on the other hand, is skirting the edge as a criminal entrepreneur. It’s definitely NOT a good idea for Jericho to tangle up with Wade, despite their history. But sometimes the heart wants what it wants.

Kate Sherwood is quite known for her complicated couples. She doesn’t do things easily … I’ve encountered a murderer and his victim’s brother (Mark of Cain) or an addict and the addict’s friend’s brother (Twice Shy) for example. But this what makes Sherwood’s stories work for me; the complexity wins me almost every time.

I thought Common Law series was off with a good start. Just don’t expect any sexual scenes in this one just yet; not even a kiss is shared between Jericho and Wade :). But that only means I can imagine when it happens, it will be explosive. I cannot WAIT for the second book.

RATING: 4 out of 5



The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an exchange of fair and honest review. No high rating is required for any ARC received.



32790594Title: Long Shadows
Author: Kate Sherwood
Series: Common Law, #1
Genre: MM Contemporary / Suspense
Word Count: 47,800 words
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: January 2, 2017


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