ARC Review: Analog to Digital (Posy Roberts)

Ethan secretly wishes that he could marry Toby, his partner of few years. But from the beginning, Toby said that he would never marry even if he loved someone very much. When Toby buys a plane ticket for the two of them to go to Minnesota to attend Ethan’s sister’s renewal vow ceremony, Ethan is faced with an internal conflict of wanting to have that for himself and worrying that if he pushes too far, his relationship with Toby will end.

At the same time, Toby seems to be absent most of the time, going with Ethan’s family instead of spending their ‘vacation time’ with him … and this forces Ethan to evaluate that he might sometimes takes Toby’s presence for granted.

I always love stories about established couple because as much as the initial progress of becoming lovers or a couple is wonderful, I often wonder about the “happily ever after” part. I don’t believe that a relationship with one person will stay smooth for the rest of your life, right?

Posy Roberts’ Analog to Digital offers a glimpse of that – a phase when you realize that even after a couple of years that maybe, just maybe, you don’t really know your partner as much as you think. I loved how Ethan realized that maybe he should appreciate Toby more – sometimes Ethan was too busy with his job! There was moments of angst too when Ethan wondered if he can ever put a ring on Toby’s finger.

Don’t worry, this story ends in a spectacular sweet way that made me a little choked-up and teary eyed. Even if it was probably a bit too cheesy for some readers 🙂

RATING: 4 out of 5





The ARC is provided by the author for an exchange of fair and honest review. No high rating is required for any ARC received.




analogTitle: Analog to Digital
Author: Posy Roberts
Genre: MM Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 13,655 words
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: December 1, 2016


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