ARC Review: Embers (Kate Sherwood)

Dear, Ms. Sherwood…

May I tell you how I adore your complex characters and how you tell their stories?

From the moment I started the first chapter, I was spellbound with what Jericho Crewe was dealing this time. Three dead bodies found on blazing building of a bar, the federal agents pressuring Mosely Sherriff department, looming biker wars after drug-dealing territory between the local and out-of-town gang, not to mention on-going investigation of corrupted police officers, and taking care of his newfound family, a.k.a stepmother and step siblings.

Then of course, in the middle of it all, the smoldering sexual tension with ex-best friend, ex-childhood lover, Wade Granger…

Embers , the second installment of Common Law tetralogy, was as solid as the first book. Jericho often found himself being pushed from all angles: his boss Kayla, the federal agents, the biker gang (whose leader’s nephew apparently also went to the same school with Jericho), and Wade, who undeniably had his own agenda.

But even if Jericho realized that he might be used and manipulated, I found him still able to push back. Jericho might not be aggressive character, but I still found him resourceful to work around the feds or the biker gang.

I was entertained with how Jericho dealing with his step siblings… especially little Elijah who seemed to be fascinated with guns. Jericho might need help on that front, clearly kids were not his forte *haha*.

I was also happy that Nikki didn’t have too much of page-time this time around. I know that Sherwood’s characters are not rarely black and white. So there might be another layer of Nikki that haven’t been discovered. But it was really hard difficult right now to NOT feel annoyed with her. Nikki was pushing my patience and I hadn’t been able to have enough sympathy for her.

But I have to be honest … it was the relationship with Wade that made me salivating though. Since the narration for this series (so far) came solely from Jericho, Wade stayed as an enigma. It was really delicious reading how Jericho tried to figure Wade out while fighting the attraction.

Jericho and Wade had their KISSES (and a blowjob *wink*) this time, and I would like to think of it as mere foreplay. I couldn’t wait to see the main course. Which was why I wish I have book #3 in my hands right now *whine*.

With how this series is going so far, I think Common Law can easily be one of my favorites of the year…

RATING: 4 out of 5




The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an exchange of fair and honest review. No high rating is required for any ARC received.



Author: Kate Sherwood
Series: Common Law, #2
Genre: MM Contemporary / Suspense
Word Count: 51,300 words
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: February 6, 2017


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