ARC Reviews Policy

Sometimes I also post reviews from ARC books that I received from NetGalley. Yes, only ARC reviews. If you want to look for ALL of my reviews, you need to visit my Goodreads Account instead.

My policy for book reviews is simple — the rating and review will feature MY reading experience, not yours. I am a firm believer that each reader will have different perspective, preference, and take out on a book. So my rating will reflect mine — good or bad. You are free to disagree as long as you respect my opinion. That simple.

Oh, and my 5-stars rating are NOT for the masses. I am pretty picky with my 5-stars book; it have to be pretty much amazing. It might not be a re-read material (I don’t re-read books anyway, too much new/shiny stuffs to try) but it has to provide a top notch and flawless reading experience.

But I also don’t give out rating below 2-stars since I usually DNF those books that are so bad. My life is too short to read bad books.


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