ARC Review: Arrows Through Archer (Nash Summers)

One morning I woke, but the two halves of my heart did not.


I admit, Nash Summers’ writing is as beautiful as ever. And I’ve always been drawn to all those lonely people in my romance. Add with quiet setting, all the way in Canada that provides a chance for two souls who are connected by heartaches to connect without a lot of intrusions… this book just screams my name. Unfortunately, I’m not completely in love with it in the end.

I loved Archer … my heart went out to him. While I might not completely understand his state of mind, but I thought Summers was able to describe the raw emotion of grief. I wanted so badly for Archer to be able to pick himself up and be happy again. It might took Archer a while, even skirting into a destructive path after Mallory pushed him away the first time

However, I thought Archer was a survivor at the end of the book, with little help from few people that become important to him. I loved that Archer wanted to be the best person he could be, for Mallory, for his family, but first and foremost for himself.

I wasn’t completely happy with Mallory though. Sure, he was able to gently coax Archer out of his shell during the recovery period, and I liked him then … but darn, what he did afterwards made me quite angry. No matter his reasons considering Mallory was the adult one here (he seemed to bring up the age difference a lot), what he did to Archer was an a**hole move.

I was waiting for Mallory to do more grovelling. I wasn’t happy that Mallory only realized his mistake because ** SPOILERS ** Archer happened to visit Banff again for his work ** SPOILERS **. If Archer never came, would Mallory EVER try to fix everything? *hmph*.

Oh, and this is a matter of taste for sure, but I wasn’t a huge fan with the whole ordinary people finding goodness and feel of control with guns. I am just not a fan of guns in my romance, except if necessary for law enforcement officers … or gun kink)

In conclusion, Arrows Through Archer is a lovely read, even if not completely satisfying for me.

By the way, I was so thankful for Danny as a character, for his determination to keep Archer afloat and his acceptance for the relationship. In fact, Danny was probably one of my favorite secondary characters, ever!

Possible triggers/tags: grief, loss, age difference, family, mentions of suicide, recovery, hurt/comfort, homophobia

RATING: 4 out of 5



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 Arrows Through Archer
Author: Nash Summers
Genre: MM Contemporary Romance
Length: 264 pages
Publisher: Self-Published
Purchase Link: Amazon US, Amazon UK
Release Date: June 12, 2017


ARC Review: Lane’s (Nash Summers)

Things Maps need to do before graduation 1) Crash a Party 2) Learn to Drive 3) Write a blog post 4) Plan a road trip 5) Make a scene at school 6) Ask Lane about college…

… or our Maps is growing up *sigh*

It has always been a joy returning to the life according Maps — he’s a character that delights me every single time. No matter that he is socially challenged — really, Maps, you come to your boyfriend’s house wearing tux? *laugh uncontrollably* — or that he can be very narcissistic, but there is no doubt that I love this kid.

Like I said in my previous review for Diamonds, Maps bears resemblance to Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory for me. Smart, think of himself like he’s the center of the world, but can still be someone you depend on, which is why his friends love (or at least tolerate) him.

This book, gives us another step in Maps’ journey into adulthood. Maps have to deal with the fact that they are going to college, and for the first time there might be a chance he will not end up with the same school as his BFF, Benji, or his next door boyfriend, Lane.

Of course he deals with it by avoiding it. Completely. That’s how Maps dealing with separation anxiety apparently.

Lane’s has more serious “issue” in the life of a young man compared to the previous two books, as in preparing one self to leave the comfort and safety of your parents’ house, to enter the world of college, to grow up.

But Nash Summers still injects hilarity and of course, a lot of hearts, into this one. Even with the life changes that is the future of Maps, we have tender moments, of Lane calming Maps down, of the boys dancing at the prom, and of course of the two of them talks things out, to see what they will do next. It’s so lovely and brings a smile to my face.

… yes, our Maps is growing up *sigh*

Now, I just need Nash Summers to somehow settle this weird sexual tension thing with Benji and Perry, and I will be a happy girl.

I’m yours, Lane. Here or ten million miles away


RATING: 4 out of 5





The ARC is provided by the author for an exchange of fair and honest review. No high rating is required for any ARC received.


Author: Nash Summers
Series: Life According to Maps, #3
Genre: MM Young Adult
Length: 99 pages
Purchase at: Amazon US (Kindle)
Release Date: December 20, 2016

ARC Review: Diamonds (Nash Summers)

When I found out that Nash Summers would be releasing the next story of Maps Wilson, I was excited. Maps was pretty unique as a character. I always pictured him a tad of young Sheldon Cooper. Genius, smart, but can be condescending towards others, socially challenged, and exasperating. But lovable — can be lovable.

In this sequel, Maps is missing Lane (even if he vehemently denies it) because Lane is staying at baseball camp. Maps also needs to find a job because his parents demand it – oh the travesty! So Maps is navigating his life and the feeling he develops for his pale-blonde-haired pear-green eyes gap-tooth baseball boy next-door.

And it was a delight to read. I would actually love to read more about the (horrible) adventures of Maps finding a job. I thought those would be hilarious to read — based on two disasters that Maps getting himself into *haha*. Although I also feel sorry for Maps’ coworkers ^^.

I also wished that Lane would be more present — this is book two after all. I think Lane keeps Maps grounded — he has his way to tone down Maps patronizing behavior. I guess Maps become more tolerable when Lane is around. However, I can’t deny that separation makes heart grows fonder because I think Maps and Lane are stronger this time around, despite Maps’ being his usual drama king. I mean, those sweet words in the end were just perfect …

Lane just smiled. “So, can we be school boyfriends too?”
Maps nodded. “Yep. And baseball game boyfriends.”
“And science boyfriends.”
“And cyborg boyfriends, one day.”
“Hopefully one day soon. Cyborgs are cool.”
“But mostly hand-holding boyfriends. Those are the most important kind.”

Oh, I liked the addition of a new secondary character here, Perry. I meant, he was a good addition plus he helps making things right for Maps and Lane. Besides, I thought that Maps’ circle of friends could grow other than Lane and Benji. Of course, those people might have to be able to deal with Maps, uhm, quirkiness… but it would be lovely, right?

RATING: 4 out of 5

The ARC is generously provided by the author. She said no need for review, but I gave one anyway. I solemnly swear that this is a fair and honest review. No high rating is required for any ARC received.

25860843Title: Diamonds
Author: Nash Summers
Genre: Young Adult
Word Count: 21,600
Publisher: Self-Published (ARe link)
Release Date: October 16, 2015